How to Style a Scandi Room

We worked with stylist and owner of peastyle Anwen to create our Goodrich Haze Oak roomset with lots of scandi loveliness. Find out how Anwen captured the look…

A few months ago I was thrilled to be asked by Woodpecker to style some room sets on a photoshoot, showcasing their gorgeous new floors.

My favourite design to work with was undoubtedly the Goodrich Haze Oak. When I read the brief, my heart nearly stopped at the word ‘Scandi’. I was all over it and couldn’t wait to flip open the laptop, jump onto Pinterest and get to work gathering a scrap book of ideas to bring the set to life.

My brief was an absolute dream: ‘stripped back Scandinavian feel / rattan furniture in a living room setting’. I mean come on…who isn’t a fan of a bit of Hygge? Think cosy textures, knitted layers, candles, sumptuous cushions and botanicals. And setting all this off was the natural wood flooring.  Very Hyggelig indeed.

Here was my inspiration:


So, shopping list in hand and comfy shoes donned, I excitedly set off filling the back of the van with heaps of sexy scandi homewares. If there is one thing set styling has taught me, when you think you have enough stuff, go add a whole load more – an empty set just eats up those candlesticks and vases like a hungry teenaged boy after a muddy rugby match AND you need options, plenty of options.

Working with a great team, I set to work turning a cavernous warehouse into a living room of dreams.

The flooring team were in first, weaving their magic with the parquet, then we were on, heaving in my sofa (Mr P looked a bit worried when he saw that disappear from our sitting room and into the back of the van), sliding sassy side tables to just the right angle, unravelling rugs and sticking (yes sticking!) picture frames to the wall. We had fun faffing with cushions, draping tassels on throws to get that perfect (but not too perfect) lived-in living room look. All this and I got to walk over this beautiful floor barefoot umpteen times, and not one splinter!

Here’s the finished scandi roomset for Haze Oak:

Goodrich Haze Oak

By the end of the day I was googling skip companies ready to throw away all of my carpets at home!


Cushions –peastyle and TK Maxx

Throw – John Lewis

Sofa – Loaf

Ceiling Lamp – House Doctor

Rug –peastyle

Rattan Chair – IKEA

Side Tables – Dunelm & Lidl

Prints – Desenio

Macrame Wall Hanging – peastyle

Floor Lamp – peastyle

Check out Anwen’s fun range of scandi home accessories at peastyle