The Modern Rustic Trend

Casual but elegant, textured but smooth. The modern rustic trend is a beautiful marriage of opposites. Bringing differences together in everything from surfaces to furniture and accessories, it’s a style that’s easy to create and easy to love.

The look is both homely and sophisticated; influenced by urban and rural design. It can be ever-evolving and yet always feel complete. It’s honest, timeless and exciting.

Fancy it? Here are 5 ways to land the modern rustic look in your home:

Exposed Elements

modern rustic exposed brick walls

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Surfaces that might usually seem unfinished or out of place in the home take centre stage. Exposed brick walls, wooden panelling, pipes, tarnished metals and stone are perfect staples. Embrace these untouched features and use them to set the rustic mood.

Simple Colours

simple colours modern rustic

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Choose pared-back neutrals or pastels for your colour scheme. A modern rustic space is tranquil and collected. Shades of white, grey and taupe are always a good idea. Add black too. The colour will bring interest to the calm.

Natural Wood

salted oak flooring modern rustic

Return to raw, rough materials and embrace the effortless beauty found in nature. A rustic wood floor, distressed wooden furniture, antique crates. Mix contemporary, light shades with traditional textures for a twist. The unusual and the imperfect are at home with this trend.

Refined Pieces

refined pieces modern rustic

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Don’t forget the modern in modern rustic. Refined, contemporary pieces are key. Let manmade materials do their part and add winning contrasts. Stylish furniture and statement lighting will bring the look together.


soft textures modern rustic

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This is a style that celebrates the pared-back, the raw, the natural. But it isn’t uninviting. Bring a relaxing, cosy feel to the setting with lots of lovely fabrics. Linens and furs, cushions and throws, squishy sofas and rugs – these are the homely touches. Make your space comfortable. Evoke the therapeutic feel of a rural retreat.

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