2018 Home Design Trends: What’s New?

With a new year often comes to the itch to redecorate. So what better time to take a look at what’s set to be new and exciting in home design. Which of these trends will you get onboard with?


home design 2018 wabi sabi

Credit: Debi Treloar

We’ve had Hygge, and even Lagom. But could Wabi-Sabi be the next idea to shake-up our obsession with minimalist décor? Simple spaces look beautiful, but they’re not that easy to maintain in the real world – especially if you have young children.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese idea that celebrates the beauty in imperfection, and Etsy’s trend forecaster Dayna Isom Johnson says “accepting the idea that your home does not have to be showroom-ready is all it takes. Keep it real, be authentic, and be happy that for once you don’t have to make your bed to be cool.”

So turn to handmade items, arrange your accessories anything but symmetrically and enjoy a lived-in, undone look.



2018 home design colourful kitchens

Credit: Devol

Over the past few years, we’ve fallen in love with glossy white kitchens that never stray too far from the neutral palette. Yet, could 2018 see a kitchen colour revival? Editor of Houzz Mitchell Parker says “White will always be a classic palette for kitchens, but its increased popularity means there’s going to be interest fatigue.”

It seems we can expect a turn to more original, interesting and colourful kitchens with warmer wood tones and mis-matched style. Kimberly Ahern from the Swoonworthy blog agrees and backs the trend: “Mixing your finishes provides a much more pulled together look and creates a more eclectic, interesting aesthetic.”



home design 2018 bold florals

Credit: Ashley Woodson Bailey

Florals have always been popular, especially in elegant bedrooms and country-style homes. Yet, they could be taking a different shape this year. Mitchell from Houzz believes we should “Forget low-energy patterns, and think botanical references in high-contrast colours such as black and white, and oversize blooms.”

Florals are going bold. And we’ll be seeing them featured in more vibrant ways.



2018 home design salted oak

At Woodpecker, we’ve seen a huge rise in interest for our herringbone floors over the last year. And it looks like the trend is set to continue, with rustic details and textures leading the way.

Louise Bird from leading London interior design agency Trinidade and Bird says “Adding a touch of glamour and sophistication, this style of flooring is an absolute must-have if you’re renovating. Perfect is out and textured and interesting is in, so look for brushed, scraped and rustic finishes to add depth and interest.”



home design 2018 ultra violet


Will 2018 see the last of the calm and collected millennial pink? Leading colour experts Pantone have revealed an energetic colour of the year for 2018. They call Ultra Violet a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.”

It’s enigmatic, evokes the mysteries of the cosmos and has a spiritual quality. We’re excited to find out how the shade will weave its way into home decor.



2018 home design concrete


We’ve already seen concrete in quirky accessories such as lighting and planters. But we could be looking forward to a growing focus on this material in home design. Rough concrete wall finishes, furniture, countertops and even tiles are some of the predictions to be popular this year.



It’s not all change. Many interior styles have long lifespans and some of the trends we loved last year will be sticking around…

2018 home design houseplants

Credit: The Future Kept

  • Mixing materials such as timber, marble and metals
  • Our love for handmade, unique items
  • Metallics, especially brass
  • Greenery and jungle-style houseplants
  • Natural and simple, organic materials