How to Create a Crafts Room

There are a number of studies which suggest arts and crafts can boost health and wellbeing. The hobby can help relieve stress and keep your mind busy whilst burning an abundance of creative energy. So, if you’re unsure on how to best utilise a spare bedroom and lacking in motivation to redecorate it, we have the perfect solution…

It’s time to be creative. Let us help inspire you to design your very own arts and crafts paradise.

Floors & Walls

Firstly, nothing beats a blank canvas so don’t be tempted to add colour from the initial get-go. White walls evoke endless possibilities, creating bright and invigorating spaces which will later encourage you to proudly display your works of art, along with the array of inspirational colours and trends you’ll be working with.

When it comes to wood flooring, the material used will depend on how you’d like to use your creative space. To cover all aspects of arts and crafts, Stratex flooring is an ideal choice. With its high durability and low maintenance, it will live up to its purpose as well as add style to your room. See our Brecon Range for flooring inspiration within our hardest-wearing, cutting-edge range.

Lighting & a Sturdy Desk

Photo by Our_Contemporary_Cottage | Goodrich Naural Oak

Lighting is a key component to any designated arts and crafts space. So, before you begin, choose the area where natural light is maximised – this is where your work table will reside.  If you don’t have a window, don’t worry as whatever your circumstances, you’ll still need a good quality desk lamp and floor lamp for the dreary darker days.

Next, consider your work desk – all craft rooms require a large sturdy work desk for appliances and workspace. So think about your intentions, will you be creating large pieces of art and crafts or smaller transferrable pieces? This will help you choose a desk size.

Storage Facilities

Customer photo | Harlech Rustic Oak

To ensure your creative retreat remains tidy, storage is key. If not from the beginning, you will eventually be inundated with exquisite materials, fabrics, tools, and accessories so investing in quality storage is priceless. If you can purchase a vintage-style merchant’s chest, you will be on your way to an organised haven. But with a little imagination, most household items can be used and transformed into purposeful components: mason jars, shoe boxes, biscuit tins, garden palates, crates, and much more.

Shelves are a great space saver. As well as neatly storing items away, they also add interest and character to otherwise bare walls. Using a mixture of open and closed shelving ensures you have room to hide away any unsightly but important items and documents.

Comfort & Relaxation

Photo by Bee_HomeInspired | Goodrich Haze Oak

The ability to relax and enjoy the surroundings is paramount to the design of your arts and crafts room. An adjustable swivel chair is a great investment. This will enable you to alter your seating position depending on the activity in hand. For the ultimate relaxation, a comfortable one-seater, armchair, or small sofa will serve you well. A sofa bed will enable you to share your creative haven with friends as well as provide you with the opportunity to quickly transform your room into a temporary sleeping area for those last-minute family visits.

The possibilities are endless but with a little planning and research, you will have your very own creative sanctuary in no time.