The botanical trend is blooming. We’ve really been showing the love for houseplants over the past few years and they aren’t on their way out any time soon. Although most varieties can be picked up quite cheaply, they make a really stylish addition to the home.

Good houseplants bring with them a range of benefits that go beyond looking great. They’re known to improve air quality, reduce stress levels and can even help to speed-up recovery from illnesses.

To a lot of us, a houseplant can easily become part of the furniture – a well-loved, ambient family member. Filling your home with these potted pals won’t just make you feel like a modern day horticulturist, but it’ll also give you a great sense of calm.

Here are 6 on-trend houseplants to look out for this year:


houseplant trends

Get this little pea-like variety from The Fresh Flower Company

This striking succulent is the perfect choice for that Instagram ‘shelfie’. Its long, beaded vines flow over its pot, making it a great option for shelves or hanging planters. The great news is this plant is easy to grow in most conditions and thrives in shaded spots.


houseplant trend snake plant

Image sourced from Surburban Bees

You may have seen the aptly named ‘Snake Plant’ popping up in interiors magazines everywhere. It’s easy-to-grow habits make it the perfect indoor friend. Place it in a low level wooden or ceramic plant stand and let it grow tall. It’s fantastically green and spiky.


houseplant trend chinese plant

Image sourced from Pinterest

This little number is making an appearance in more and more homes this year. Its wonderfully lucid pancake-like leaves make it a popular choice for a modern, well-lit room. House it in a terracotta pot for a modern rustic look.


houseplant trend pink plant

Image sourced from Wit & Whistle

This one’s a little different to the succulents we all know and love. The pink plant starts life with small olive-green leaves and these then darken with age to develop fluorescent pink patches. It’s an eye-catching beauty which looks brilliant against neutral walls or in rooms that are playful with colour.


houseplant trend citrus tree

Image sourced from Gardenista – How to Keep an Indoor Citrus Tree Happy

These cute mini trees will put your green fingers to the test but they’re definitely worth the effort. Not only do they have a beautiful colour but they also smell deliciously zesty. The Dwarf Tree needs lots of light so is best suited to well-lit rooms with large windows, or conservatories. Choose soft textile accessories in the colour of the fruit for a punchy natural look.


aloe vera plant

Image sourced from Pinterest

Not only does this plant have a beautiful shape but it also has an ancient list of health benefits – it’s healing, moisturising and you can even cook with it! Aloe Vera comes in lots of different varieties which opens up lots of options when selecting one for your home. Choose a darker green shade for a traditionally decorated space or go bright and brilliant green in light, modern rooms.