Chevron Flooring: Pattern of the Moment

Chevron flooring has been taking over our Pinterest feeds and home design magazines for the last few years. With its clean lines and chic appeal, it looks like this popular pattern will stand the test of time.

Geometric flooring first started transforming our homes with the rise of Scandinavian style. The chevron pattern takes inspiration from the classic prints we often see on monochrome soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions.

Whereas herringbone flooring features classically cut rectangular planks, chevron blocks are cut at an angle for a structured zig-zag effect when laid. The result is a pleasing, refined look that’s perfect for the modern home.

Goodrich Haze Oak Chevron


Our Haze Oak chevron flooring has been growing in popularity since we launched the design. It’s a style that’s full of fun character – playful yet sophisticated. The wood boards are precision engineered for a wonderfully linear appearance.

Haze Oak is suitable for underfloor heated rooms and has a brushed surface to bring out the beauty of the grain. Whitened and washed in ashen tones, the colour is contemporary and easy to pair with many contemporary schemes.

The striking symmetry and distinct appearance of chevron flooring brings new energy to any room. Trail along the pattern and love the fresh, naturally inspired feel of the real wood design.

Styling Chevron Flooring

chevron flooring style shelf

The thought of styling a room with a patterned floor may seem daunting. Yet chevron flooring easily lends itself to the pared-back and relaxed elements of Scandinavian-inspired décor that we know and love.

The pale tones of Haze work perfectly with neutral shades. Grey, cool blue or seagrass wall colours on the walls make great complements. Bright green houseplants will add pops of natural colour. Use plant stands and unusual ceramic pots to make features.

chevron flooring home style

Black and brass metals add striking contrast to the floor’s light hues. And cosy, textured fabrics in cushions, throws and rugs make lovely additions in neutral creams and greys.

Make your space a modern, calm haven with chevron flooring.