Scandinavian Children’s Room with Natural Accents

Mum and interiors blogger Ruthie chose our Sandy Oak flooring for her son Ted’s brand new bedroom. We love the simple, Scandinavian pieces and calm natural accents (Ted loves it too and even said ‘wow’ when he walked in!). Hear from Ruthie on how she brought the beautiful space together…


In September we finally began to put plans to fruition in my son Ted’s bedroom. Thoughts for a bedroom makeover had been festering since the start of the year, but it’s a space with a slightly complicated brief in that this won’t be his forever space. We know that over the next few years as he outgrows his toddler bed we will need to swap his bedroom over with the (larger) home office.

childrens bedroom in scandinavian style

We wanted to create a space with interest, that didn’t feel sterile, but also one which could transition into a grown up office space without too much fuss. I am really drawn to Scandinavian style and have often used elements of this in our home, when thinking of Teds room something with a Scandi influence seemed the perfect solution, providing both warmth and simplicity, and a chance to play a little without turning the room into a child-friendly one-trick-pony.

close up of white wood flooring

When it came to deciding on the flooring for Ted’s bedroom it was a bit of a no-brainier. I knew exactly what I wanted to use having styled a space for Woodpecker at the start of the year and having been really impressed with the quality and detail of their real engineered wood flooring.

We wanted a white wood to suit the Scandinavian theme in the room and the Sandy Oak is a beautiful option as it provides just enough warmth whilst remaining a calm non-intrusive surface. I love how the wood grain shows through and all of the unique natural patterns on each plank. It’s a really great choice in the space as it mirrors and emphasises the central aspect of the room which is the Enchanted Forest wall mural.

childrens bedroom with pink wall

We went for a clean and calm look in Ted’s room. Since it gets messy so quickly, we wanted to have a neutral base that wouldn’t feel sterile for a child. It’s accented with Scandinavian style wooden toys, a vintage French school desk and trinkets we have picked up over the years.

childrens bedroom decor

I am a big fan of natural materials and was keen to use as many natural surfaces as possible with marble, mango wood, vintage pine and linen. Children’s spaces can often be a little plastic-y. I wanted to continue the use of natural materials on the floor with the bonus of having a surface which is easy to clean. We have stained or painted floorboards in many parts of the house but as this was the room with three outside walls I knew that the original boards would be too draughty. I love how comfy the floor is to sit on and my son is very happy playing on the floor in his new space.

child playing on wood flooring

We have kept the colour palette neutral with an off-white shade but have added interest with a pink chimney breast, Black window outline, and an amazing wall mural of a forest. We all love the space, particularly my son, who thinks the Enchanted Forest is really magical. We are all happy to have finally got rid of the last piece of grotty carpet made with man-made fibres in here. Ted loves playing in the new space and I am particularly delighted when he plays with wooden toys on the floor as the mess looks far less noticeable!


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