Protecting your Wood Floor from a Real Christmas Tree

It’s that time of the year when everything feels a little more wonderful inside our homes. A real Christmas tree is a naturally beautiful way to bring the festive joy indoors, real trees look and smell just glorious. And they’ll do no harm to your wood flooring as long as you take a little care.

Here are our top tips to protect your floor from any accidental sap stains, water spills or scratches with a real tree this Christmas…

Clean the Area

Remove any loose grit or debris that might be on the floor where you’re placing the tree. A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment or a soft broom will do the job. For a deeper clean, use our safe Cleaning Kits or damp mop the floor, taking care to remove any excess liquid. Head here for more tips on caring for your wood floor.

Protect the Floor

christmas tree mat

Create a barrier between your tree and the wood floor using a mat or tree skirt. These can be purchased in lots of shops at this time of the year and add to the festive fun. Alternatively, any type of mat, carpet cutting or blanket will provide a safe covering to the area.

Bringing your Tree Indoors

Give your tree a good old shake outdoors to remove any excess pine needles and sap – if these accumulate on your floor, they can be difficult to spot and could cause scratching. And for an additional protective measure, place sheets along your route to the tree’s spot. These will catch any pine needles that fall off along the way.

Once your tree is in position, admire it, then carefully remove the sheets and clean up any pine needles or sap that might have fallen in the surrounding area.

If your tree is in a pot, it’s best to place a saucer underneath to catch any excess water.

Living with your Tree

real christmas tree

As you enjoy your tree over the Christmas period, make sure you regularly vacuum and mop the area around the mat or pot. When watering your tree, take care to ensure any excess liquid doesn’t soak onto the floor from underneath, or spill on top – if it does, it’s best to clean it up right away.

Removing your Tree

While it’s never fun to think about the end of the festivities when they’re in full swing, it’s worth bearing these tips in mind to minimise damage when the time comes. Before removing your tree, wrap it in plastic bags or sheets to prevent any pine needles or sap from falling off in transport. If it’s in a stand, place a towel or protective covering on the floor beside, ready to catch any droplets as its lifted out. Then, once your tree is safely outdoors, thoroughly vacuum and mop the area – just as you would with a post-Christmas clean.

Happy Christmas – we hope you have a wonderful time this year.

christmas living room with children playing

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