The Grey Flooring Trend

Grey flooring has become more than a favourite on the home design scene. Ashen floorboards can be subtle or striking, and they’re perfect if you want to capture a contemporary yet authentic feel. Grey also makes a great base for pastel, monochrome or relaxed decor themes.

Shades of grey speak of a modern and exciting urban world. They’re strong on their own, but provide a steadying factor when combined with colour. Grey can bring a cooling or warming effect, and is neutral enough to work during any season. The tone adds depth, sophistication and a sense of calm. In a nutshell, grey flooring is a versatile wonder.

A Home Designer’s Delight

grey flooring salcombe dune oak

We’re not the only ones in love with the colour grey. Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration Michelle Ogundehin is one of many home design professionals raving about the shade. “I used to hate grey,” says Ogundehin. “How things change! Certainly, today, grey connotes sophistication, allure and depth. It sits well alongside other colours, holding its own but not dominating. It represents a quiet confidence.”

Renowned for her dark and moody design, Abigail Ahern agrees: “Anything set against grey looks more beautiful, more grand,” she says. “It cocoons you and turns the room into a space you really want to hunker down into. It feels intriguing and sophisticated and glamorous.”

Grey flooring in your home

The simplicity of a grey floor makes it a very practical choice for any room in your home. Even if you love to change your interiors often, grey flooring is sure to make easy company for your next big idea. Here are our three favourite ways to capture a fantastic feel with grey flooring…

Pretty pastels

grey flooring salcombe moonbeam

Create a cosy haven with grey flooring, dusky blues and blush pinks. The understated shade makes a lovely complement to these pastel shades. Add lots of blankets and throws for a cosy feel, mixing materials for texture. And finish with a burst of green from leafy houseplants. It’s the perfect recipe for a relaxing retreat.

Layering Grey

For a more subtle and elegant feel, style ashen flooring with lighter and darker shades of grey. Touches of black and pops of colour will bring contrasts to the look while shiny accessories add a glamorous twist. Think mid-century furniture with comfortable fabrics and interesting cushions to land this calm and collected style of decor.

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