An Introduction into Modern Interior Design…

Uncluttered, clean and sleek. Modern design embraces airy and open concepts. Interiors are designed with minimal walls, natural light and high ceilings. Modern style is, in every element, simple. In the main, modern designers favour natural or neutral colours when decorating. While bold accents are used sparingly, usually to add a focal point, whites are used unsparingly. Results tend to be dramatic even though the style is minimal.

Designers and homeowners commonly use materials such as metal, steel, concrete, wood and glass. Although matt fittings have become increasingly popular in kitchen and bath applications, stainless steel will most likely forever be associated with the modern look. Modern is a broad design term and modern furniture follows that with its clean lines, basic shapes and simplicity. Accessories throughout the space are minimal, if any. When it comes to modern design, less is more.

Modern Colour Palette Ideas

Modern Interiors