• Floated

  • Easiloc

  • Pet Friendly

  • Bathroom Friendly

  • High Stability

  • Waterproof Wood Flooring

  • Suitable for UFH

  • 25 Year Warranty

Incredibly strong, stable, and water-resistant – there’s no better board for modern life than our Wood Design Flooring.

Brecon Weathered Oak

Brecon - Wood-Design Flooring

Waterproof, wood-effect flooring
Plank & herringbone styles
Guaranteed for 25 years


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Do you install floating floor under cabinets?

We answer some of the top questions when it comes to fitting wood-effect floor in your kitchen, including, do you install floating floor before or after your cabinets.

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How to Combine Parquet & Plank Flooring

Take a look at the difference between parquet flooring and standard plank flooring and how you can combine the two to create beautiful results throughout your home.

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A close up of waterproof Brecon flooring

Wood Design, Vinyl, or Laminate – Which is right for you?

Laminate, Vinyl, or Stratex? We look into which type of flooring is right for you, your needs, and your home.

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woodpecker stratex flooring

What is Stratex?

A guide to help you understand what Stratex is and how it differs from an ordinary laminate or LVT floor…

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Stratex intro banner

Introducing The Stratex Range

What is Stratex? Well, if you’re looking for high stability, outstanding performance and wonderful beauty then it is the option for you. Find out more about this cutting edge, hard-wearing flooring…

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Lynton Stratex wood flooring

A Guide to our Wood Flooring Collections

Need a little help navigating our wood flooring collections? Discover what makes each unique and be inspired…

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Stratex Flooring: The Benefits

If you’re yearning for a new floor but real wood is out of your budget, stratex flooring is a great alternative to consider…

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