A Guide to our Wood Flooring Collections

Need a little help navigating our wood flooring collections? Discover what makes each unique and be inspired…



York wood flooring

Our York range speaks of the timeless tranquillity of a woodland bridge, surrounded by the ancient trees of the North York Moors. Dappling sunlight shines between leaves above, a cool bubbling emanating from the spring below as it chortles towards the rugged nearby heaths.

York is our solid wood flooring collection. It features 18mm thick boards that are made from carefully selected pieces of timber and finished with five coats of enduring lacquer or oil.

Choose from walnut or oak in a variety of honey, ashen or rich chocolate hues to bring a wonderful feeling of the wild outdoors into your home. These solid woods evoke the colour and energy of a vibrant forest setting.



Salcombe Seashore Oak Flooring

Imagine soft sands underfoot as you run towards a lapping tide, the breeze in your face and the fresh scent of sea spray in the air. These peaceful shades take inspiration from the sumptuous beach and placid waters of the Salcombe estuary.

Explore a gorgeous assortment of light, mid and dark ashen designs with invigorating rustic character. Salcombe boards are brushed and matt lacquered to enhance the tactile textures of the natural wood grain.

With an engineered construction and 14mm thickness, they’re great for underfloor heating too. Create a calm and cosy haven with these versatile wood floors.


Harlech Smoked Oak Flooring

A barefoot stroll on crackling leaves, the white peaks of Snowdon behind you and waves breaking onto the light sands of the beach ahead…these are the bold and beautiful scenes that created our Harlech designs.

In our Harlech collection, you’ll find exciting options to suit all sorts of home styles. Discover light, warming and grey wood floors that are finished in multiple coats of lacquer or oil for lasting beauty.

Browse boards with rustic or more refined character in standard or wider widths and choose from contemporary oak or walnut. Harlech is a range for everyone.


Berkeley Classic Walnut Flooring

Splashed by spring water since the beginning of time, the stones are smooth and rounded, as though polished by a thousand footfalls. Berkeley floors are inspired by one of England’s oldest remaining woodlands, and all the natural character that can be found there.

These designs are extra rustic with large knots, splits, cracks and striking streaks of dark filler. Boards are painstakingly handscraped to capture a wonderfully undulating texture that’s distinctive by eye yet smooth to the touch.

Berkeley floors are oiled to protect their surface and enhance their grain structure. Their aged and distressed features are perfect for modern rustic spaces, bringing a rich feeling of nature into the home.


Goodrich Natural Oak FlooringLike the ancient art of dry stone walling, our parquet flooring is created with both natural form and long-lasting function. Laid to stand the test of time, it gets more beautiful with every footstep.

Goodrich is home to a collection of elegant parquet flooring designs with an enchanting period feel. Choose from classic herringbone or chunky blocks to create a design that you’ll love.

Find floors in beautifully brushed and matt lacquered or sawn textures, and browse an exciting mix of contemporary whitewashed and traditional, warming shades. By bringing wood of various shades and details together in beautiful patterns, parquet is truly inspired by nature.


Chepstow Antique Oak

The gnarled old bark of the fallen tree, splodged occasionally with bright green lichen, is as interesting to see as it is to touch. Chepstow takes inspiration from these naturally bold and enticing textures found in our forests.

Discover a range of distinct designs, including smooth, planed boards, aged and distressed finishes and sawn textures. Each floor is delightfully unique and full of the wide, flowing grain character found in slow-grown oak.

Chepstow boards have a superior 21mm thickness and generous 6mm wear layer making these floors our most wonderfully enduring in the Woodpecker range.

BAMBOO flooring


Oxwich Herringbone Natural Stand Bamboo

Driftwood is one of nature’s marvels, and no two pieces are the same. Oxwich Bay is a treasure trove for driftwood hunters and gives impetus to our Oxwich range.

These bamboo floors are strong, stylish and super sustainable (Did you know it takes just 5 years for bamboo to grow to full maturity? Find more amazing facts in our bamboo infographic). The strand-woven variety features a beautiful array of natural fibres, knuckles and growth rings found in the bamboo cane.

Browse a selection of natural, warm and cool colours finished in five coats of resilient lacquer. Bamboo is a unique and exotic flooring idea for your home.



Brecon Blanche Oak

Brecon’s waterfall-splashed woodlands are fresh and enduring, just like our Brecon range. Stroll along mountainous rims of blowing heather and descend into green, rural valleys. Adventurous landscapes inspire these designs.

Bring a naturally inspired look and feel to practical spaces in your home with our waterproof Brecon Stratex. The 12 designs are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room with a very hardwearing surface – great for children or pets.

The floors have a built-in underlay for easy fitting over most types of subfloors. Discover modern grey shades, natural and darker tones in the collection.


Lynton Stratex wooden flooring

The English town of Lynton is located near to the coast on Exmoor, and is surrounded by ancient wooded valleys and wild headlands fringed with beaches… Our Lynton range captures the varying shades and textures that make the area so beautiful.

Bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home with maximum strength and durability with our Lynton range. Like our Brecon flooring, Lynton is part of our Stratex range, but unlike Brecon it has a real wood upper layer for a truly authentic finish.

Water-resistant and incredibly resistant to dents and hard-wear, this is a beautiful durable range.

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