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The Woodpecker Story

From our Family to Yours...

The Woodpecker Story

For 100 Years Gone By, And For 100 Years To Come…

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From Humble Beginnings…

The Woodpecker story began in 1973 in a small garage in Bristol. Started by Bruce Ker (pictured), the passion for wood and commitment to deliver the absolute best has been handed down through 3 generations to his son Nelson, and grandson Darwyn (also pictured) today.

From Our Family To Yours

Today our extended family of ‘Woodpeckers’ are committed to those same values, genuinely caring and doing whatever it takes to make the difference for you and your family.

The Story of Our Floors

It begins long before this. Every Woodpecker floor started its life over 100 years ago and tells its own story that will stand the test of time in your home.

For 100 Years

Our promise to you is that your Woodpecker floor will continue its story, bringing life and warmth to your home – guaranteed for 100 years to come.

Leaving a Legacy

Planting the Woodpecker forest of tomorrow and becoming carbon negative by 2030 – this is our commitment to building a better future that generations to come will be proud of.

From 100 years past and for 100 years to come, Woodpecker is with you every step of the way on your journey to find the perfect floor.

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