Parquet Flooring: Style Tips

Parquet flooring was perfected in the grandest of settings – at the Palace of Versailles – and has been associated with prestige ever since. Not only does it evoke a sense of history, but by bringing wood of various colours and grains together in a classic pattern, parquet truly is inspired by nature.

Throughout the 20th century patterned flooring was popular, and parquet continues to enjoy a trendy status in today’s interiors. Coupled with minimal schemes, its heritage feel creates striking contrast and enthuses time-honoured sophistication.

The classic elegance of parquet flooring is matched by long-lasting durability and the stability of real timber. Plus, every block is unique. With deep shades and rich grain detail, you’ve got nature’s beauty beneath your feet.


parquet flooring moodboard traditional

With its roots set in Europe’s grand palaces and stately homes, parquet flooring lends itself to traditionally-styled spaces with period features and a rustic edge. Here are our top style tips for introducing parquet to a classic interior:

  • Golden oak parquet brings a charming burst of colour to neutral spaces. With a rustic finish, it will complement wooden furniture while the shade evokes a sense of warmth and homeliness in rooms. Choose golden oak as a contrasting base for light walls and dark interior features.
  • A herringbone pattern is perfectly in keeping with traditional settings. The design has a sense of class to its consistency and creates an instant talking-point.
  • Choose a palette of classic country colours including burnt orange and regal green to inspire a sense of grandeur in your space. These shades sit beautifully with warm-looking flooring such as golden oak and coffee.
  • Looking to introduce something a little more unique to your home? Lay parquet in double herringbone or brick patterns. These more unusual configurations fuse a modern twist with this traditional style of flooring.


parquet flooring moodboard contemporary

Jumping on the trend for mixing period styles and embracing the eclectic, parquet flooring can make an exciting addition to modern rooms. These are our favourite ways of using parquet in a modern home:

  • Pair a bright and minimal interior theme with traditional golden oak parquet in a classic herringbone pattern. The style can bring a rustic twist to pared-back rooms and create a feeling of warmth.
  • Choose parquet flooring in a whitewashed shade to capture a light and airy Scandinavian style. The mix of a modern colour and traditional floor is very on trend. Lay the parquet in a brick pattern to make it look even more up-to-date.
  • Create something original by using a combination of colours for an even more striking effect.



Here are a few more tips on introducing parquet into your space…

  • Remember that parquet brings a pattern to your floor. In smaller rooms, this can make the space feel smaller. To avoid a very busy look, use furnishings with a minimal style. As a general tip, parquet flooring always works better in rooms where furniture serves as a background rather than the focal point. It’s all about making the most of your parquet by bringing the pattern to the fore.
  • Darker parquet floors make a beautiful contrast for bright white walls. These shades are best suited to larger rooms such as lounges and hallways where they can make a grand statement.
  • Paler shades are great for creating a soft and airy feel in small or darker rooms. As a neutral base, the flooring is perfect for furniture and accessories that are more ornate or bold in colour.

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