Walnut Flooring: Style Tips

What is walnut flooring?

Walnut flooring is loved for its smooth chocolatey tones and warming appeal. Its flowing hues are truly eye-catching and bring a luxurious feel to the home. The wood has a lustrous quality too, often seeming to shimmer or glow when the light catches its grain structure.

Berkeley Walnut Flooring Style Tips

The Walnut Tree

Walnut is one of the most versatile hardwoods on the planet. Besides flooring, its found in furniture, jewellery boxes and even instruments. The species is native to central Asia but grows in lots of locations across the world including North and South America, France, Turkey and the UK.

Walnut trees are fast growing, able to reach heights of 25 feet in less than 10 years. The wood is slightly softer than oak yet still impressively durable with the strongest trunks towering 100 feet and living for 200 years.

The tree also produces a great fruit which is one of the oldest tree foods known to man and one of the healthiest nuts on the planet. Walnut Whip anyone?

Styling Walnut Flooring

Valued for its rich colours and durability, walnut flooring takes centre stage in rooms. Its enchanting mix of cocoa colours and natural patterns creates a striking base that’s perfect for creating contrast and can easily be paired with traditional or contemporary themes. Check out our style ideas below…

walnut flooring moodboard

Pleasant Paints

Walnut flooring and warm paint shades make the perfect pair. Avoid stark white or cold pastel shades and opt for more colourful, deeper shades. Capture a cosy atmosphere with mustard tones or land the moody look with deep purple and azure blue.

Monochrome Furniture

Although white can look stark on walls, bright white furniture is ideal for a contemporary, minimalist style. And the contrast between furniture and floor is striking. Alternatively, black cottage-style furnishings can lift the darker tones in the wood for a traditional yet edgy period vibe.

Auroral Accessories

Shiny accessories in chrome, copper and glimmering gold can instantly add an extravagant feel to walnut flooring. Tall and unusually shaped gleaming vases, glossy light fittings and gleaming accessories will play with the lustre in the wood to enhance its lavish look.

Industrial Illusions

Walnut flooring makes an interesting base for industrial décor, bringing warmth and colour to an interior style that’s typically cold and monochrome. The chocolatey tones add another dimension to the rustic warehouse-style furnishings that are staples of this theme, bringing a cosier and more homely feel into the mix.

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