Dream Floor Revamp: Meet Mrs Huggins

In Autumn 2016, we teamed up with Real Homes to give away £2,000 towards a Woodpecker floor. Thinking of her office/dining room with a tired lino sheet, Melanie Huggins was a hopeful entrant and soon afterwards, our lucky winner. The Woodpecker catalogue was her’s to choose from for a dream new floor!

Melanie lives in Cambridge with Mr Huggins, two children of 9 and 10 and her pet cat Tommy. She’s a full-time mum and her husband runs his business from home, curating and selling antique photographs. They chose their office/diner for the revamp as it’s used every day for Mr Huggins’ work, the family’s teatime and activities with the children. And it was clear from their scuffed lino sheet that they needed a more practical, hardwearing floor that could cope with the high footfall.

wood flooring winners

At first glance of the Woodpecker collections, Melanie fell in love with the warming shade and antiqued details of Berkeley Natural Oak. But the couple weren’t sure if the reclaimed-style would work in such a minimal, functional space. After another look, they spotted Goodrich Natural parquet. It was elegant, different and would transform their practical room into something a little more special.

The couple headed to their local department store Glasswells to view a sample of Goodrich Natural and get a feel for its natural textures. Estimator Andrew helped them plan the amount of floor they would need and advised on any finishing touches such as trims and pipe covers. After a date for the fit was arranged, Mr and Mrs Huggins could move out their furniture and pull up their old floor ready for the fitters to arrive. It took just one day for Glasswells to finish the floor, a whole day less than expected!

wood flooring transformation

A herringbone pattern is typically laid down the length of a room. But a diagonal layout was chosen to help create a wider and more inviting feel in the space. With the floor complete, streams of light can be seen playing on the natural colour variations and subtle sheen across the boards.

Having seen the change to her room, Melanie’s love of natural flooring has only grown: “When I saw the finished floor, I didn’t want to put my furniture back in as I didn’t want to cover any of it up! I’d love to have wood flooring in some of our other rooms.”

Mr Huggins added: “It puts a smile on my face every time I walk in the room. I can’t stop coming in here for another look!”

It’s safe to say that Mr and Mrs Huggins love their Woodpecker floor and can trust that it will stay just as stylish for many years to come.

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