The Benefits of Sourcing Wood Responsibly

Wood flooring is a lovely reminder of spending time outdoors, with the feel of the forest underfoot and fresh scent of nature in the air. By sourcing timber responsibly, we’re taking care of our beautiful, natural environments and ensuring they’ll always be an inspiration.

All of our wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forests (PEFC), two of the world’s most respected forest management organisations. And we share their goal: to ensure that forests can meet the needs of today’s generation without compromising those of the future.

Taking care of our forests has lots of benefits for both the environment and local communities…

the benefits of sourcing wood responsibly

Here’s a little more detail about each of the benefits…

Ecosystems are Conserved

Along with trees, forests are home to lots of plants, animals, insects and organisms. And their processes play a key part in the life of the forest. The FSC® and PEFC ensure that felling takes place in a controlled way to minimise impact on these ecosystems. Shelter and habitats for wildlife are protected and the functions of the landscape are left intact after harvest.

Water is Protected

Forests play a key role in the world’s water resources, often helping to prevent soil erosion and contamination. Responsible forest management ensures that trees can still play their part in the water cycle and that nearby water sources aren’t impacted by harvesting.

Local Communities are Supported

Forest managers are employed to improve the social welfare of people who own and rely on forests for their livelihoods. These managers help to drive community development and ease poverty. They also protect the rights of indigenous people.

The Use of Chemicals is Regulated

Strict controls or bans are placed on the use of hazardous pesticides in managed forests. This ensures tree species can mature naturally and protects ecosystems, wildlife and humans.

Workers are Supported

Responsible forest managers look after the welfare of their workers, ensuring their well trained and protected from the dangers of harvesting. They also look to create job opportunities and enhance their workers’ professional status and self-esteem.

Harvesting Only Takes Place Lawfully

All responsible harvesting takes place lawfully using sound environmental practices. This means that when you buy an FSC® or PEFC product, you can be sure it hasn’t been obtained by criminal means and no forests, habitats or livelihoods have been destroyed in the process.

Reforestation is Controlled

To safeguard the world’s forest from extinction, new trees are planted and managed in a responsible manner. This often includes planting native, naturally growing species over quick-fix plantations to maintain the health and productivity of the forest.

Rare Forests are Conserved

The FSC® is the only forest management organisation that protects rare and endangered forests and wildlife. Forests are assessed to check if they contain areas of conservation value and then given special protection if they do.

Woodpecker FSC® or PEFC Certified Floors

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We take pride in sourcing all of our wood floors from responsibly managed forests. And you’ll find the FSC® or PEFC logo on every one of our product pages. Take a browse…