Bamboo Flooring: The Facts

Bamboo flooring is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a really tough floor that’s stylish too. The strand-woven variety has a strength unmatched by hardwood and features a beautiful array of natural fibres, knuckles and growth rings found in the bamboo cane.

But what is bamboo? Is it eco-friendly? And how is it made into flooring? Explore the facts about this amazing material in our infographic…



Think bamboo flooring could be fabulous in your home? Be inspired by these strand-woven styles…

Oxwich Natural Strand

bamboo flooring oxwich natural strand

Oxwich Natural Strand has a lovely light and spacious feel. It’s produced from fine strands of bamboo that have been woven and compressed together for excellent durability. The natural shade is true to the bamboo cane and works perfectly with relaxed decor. Pair with ethnic patterns, spiky plants and exotic colours for a jungle feel.

Oxwich Coffee Strand

bamboo flooring oxwich coffee strand

Oxwich Coffee has been darkened using carbonisation, bringing out a rich array of chocolatey tones in the bamboo. The floor inspires warmth and depth in the home, and is great for high-traffic areas that might get dirty more easily. Matt lacquer adds a satin-smooth, hardwearing finish.

Oxwich Whitewash Strand

bamboo flooring oxwich whitewash strand

Bamboo takes a contemporary twist with the peaceful ashen tones and understated character of Oxwich Whitewash. This strand-woven floor has outstanding strength and a stylish sense of class. Its lacquered finish is sumptuously smooth and it features bevelled edges for definition. Team with minimal furniture and pops of green for a fresh look.

Oxwich Saddle Strand

bamboo flooring oxwich saddle strand

Love the deep and dark tones of Oxwich Saddle – a distinctive floor that has been stained to achieve its shade. The design still features the beautiful character of bamboo and is perfect for bringing contrast to rooms. Lacquer adds a durable and glossy finish.

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