Reclaim your Space in 5 Easy Steps

Is your home looking a little tired? When’s the last time you gave it some love?

If you have a busy lifestyle or little ones then decorating can often fall last on the list of priorities. It can be time-consuming, costly and sometimes just not possible in rooms that are used every day.

But if you do find yourself with spare time then a refresh is a great way to feel good about your home again. Maybe your children have grown up, you have some time off work or you’re retired…these are perfect chances to think about how you’d love your home to look and revive its style.

We think there are 5 fool-proof ways to transform your space into something beautiful…


Lynton Weald Oak Flooring

How long have your walls been the same colour? And what colour would you really like them to be?

A lick of paint is the perfect way to make your room feel brand new. And it doesn’t cost the earth.

With a simple touch-up you can get rid of any little scratches or finger marks that have made their way onto the walls over the years. Or maybe it’s time to totally change the colour of a space that’s looked the same for too long.

Explore how you can get creative with paint. Would you dare paint your ceiling in a dark shade? Or maybe you’d like a bold feature wall? Farrow & Ball have some great advice.


Harlech Rustic Oak

It’s often surprising just how much accessories can have an impact. Change yours to refresh the colour scheme or style in a room. They’re easy to swap in and out, and choosing them is fun!

Soft fabrics are great for adding new accent shades – consider your cushions and throws, bedding and tea-towels.

Introduce fresh decorative objects for interest. Hang new artwork or different family pictures and search home stores for cute ornaments. Rose and Grey is a great place to head for quirky pieces.


York Whitewash Oak

You can completely change the atmosphere in your home with something as simple as a lamp. In fact, lots of interior designers will tell you that lighting is the single most important element in a room.

Think about how you can illuminate your space differently. Is your overhead light too bright? Are you missing the cosy feel from a corner lamp? Could under-cabinet lighting be a nice touch in the kitchen? Little changes can have a big impact.

Consider making the most of natural light too. If your space feels dark, check that your curtains or blinds aren’t shrouding too much of the window. Or if you often keep the door of a room shut, could a glass panel help to let in more light from an adjoining space?


Harlech Chocolate Oak V2

Refreshing your paint, accessories and lighting can make a great difference to your home. But for an even bigger impact, furniture is your next option.

Things like your sofa, dining table or bedroom storage take up a lot of room and are naturally some of the most noticeable objects in your home. They give a lot of direction to the style in a space.

Use furniture to create your favourite look – whether it’s modern, mid-century or eclectic. Swoon Editions and are great places to head for ideas.



Flooring is one of the biggest changes you can make to a room. Unlike things like lighting and accessories, this is more of a long-term commitment but the results can be transformative.

Like furniture, flooring plays a huge part in setting the style of your space. The colour can influence the light and mood, creating a bright and airy or warm and cosy feel. A contemporary or antique finish will instantly capture a different look. And the design has an impact too, whether it’s a bold floral carpet or elegant, period-influenced parquet.

Wood flooring is a beautiful way to bring nature into your home. Sure, it might take a little time to choose from the exciting range of styles. But the rest is easy. Your local retailer can provide all the advice you need and arrange the fitting. You just sit back, relax and look forward to your beautiful new floor. Browse our range for inspiration.