6 Simple tips to help you spring clean your home

Spring is a season of new beginnings and optimism for the months ahead. In our homes it’s the first chance to open our windows and let a fresh breeze sweep through. It’s also the time to ‘Spring clean’.

Spring cleaning is an idea which has been passed through history for hundreds (some say thousands) of years. It gives us the chance to cleanse of the old, restock and enjoy once more our beautiful homes. Here are 6 useful tips to help you keep up this ancient tradition.

 1. Clean out your fridge and freezer

fish finger sandwich

Cleaning out your fridge and defrosting your freezer are often ‘to-do’ items that fall to the bottom of the list. Yet with the fresh start of Spring, there’s no better time to get them ticked off. Get creative with any food that’s been in there a while and hold your very own tapas-style night. Fish fingers with a side of last month’s left over curry? Yes please!

 2. Beat out your rugs and wash your bath mats

wood flooring goodrich haze oak

Rugs and bath mats are often unloved but after months of being used, it’s time to give them some TLC. Channel your inner Victorian servant and beat out any dust or mites outdoors. Your bath mats should be machine washable but take a look at the label instructions before popping them in.

3. Air out your pillows, cushions and duvets

wood flooring salcombe natural oak

As we look to bring out our lighter duvets, it’s a good idea to air them (along with any cushions or pillows) before putting them on our beds. Duvets can also be sent to the dry cleaners or even washed at home depending on what type you own. Not only will this give your home extra Spring freshness, it’ll also make jumping into those clean bed sheets feel even more special.

4. Give your floors a new lease of life

We’re lucky that real wood flooring often looks better with age but it still needs care to stay beautiful. Cleaning and maintenance needn’t take too much of your time but will bring long-term satisfaction. Our floor care products provide you with everything you need to keep your floors looking fantastic.

5. Sort through the ‘junk draw’

junk drawer

We all have that draw in the house that seems to collect ‘stuff’, but how much of it is actually useful? Sort through the draw with the aim of only keeping essentials. Be sure to give it a wipe before putting your items back in and be prepared to be surprised by how much easier it is to close!

6. Organise your clothes Japanese style

clothes rail

Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ teaches its readers to put their hands on their belongings and only keep it if it sparks joy within you. Although this isn’t always the easiest practice, when it comes to your wardrobe – it makes definite sense. Donate any items of clothing you’re no longer fond of to your local charity shop and organise what’s left into categories that work for you.