7 Storage Solutions for a Minimalist Home

The minimalist lifestyle is one that appeals to so many of us. For some, this lifestyle extends far beyond clutter-free kitchens and whitewashed walls. Minimalism can be a way of life, whether it be through limited wardrobe choices, frugal living or restricted technology.

Clarity of mind, less stress and a sense of freedom are all thought to be connected with this simpler lifestyle. However, in our modern and often hectic lives, it’s not always possible to reconnect through minimalism. Through our homes we can take advantage of the benefits of minimalism with clever and simple fixes. Good storage can hide away the clutter of our modern lives and leave us feeling those minimalist benefits.

Here’s our 7 storage solutions for a minimalist home:

The Cupboard Door


Image from Higham

Hiding items away in a cupboard isn’t a ground-breaking storage solution but their doors are an often overlooked storage option. Try adding shelves or hooks to the inside of your cupboard doors for items like baking trays, kitchen roll or ironing boards.

The Wardrobe


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Built in wardrobes may seem like a storage option best left in the 90’s but modern (and minimalist) options are filling the market. Many providers offer a bespoke service, building tailor made wardrobes to suit you and your space. Choose a neutral colour for extra minimalist effect and wave goodbye to clutter.

Under the Stairs

The cupboard under the stairs needn’t be the door best left closed if there’s the right storage system inside. Revamp yours with cleverly placed pegs, shelves and neutral baskets for the perfect hidden storage area.

The Downstairs Loo

toilet storage

Image from Bang on Style Blog

The smaller downstairs bathroom doesn’t just have to be a ‘one use only’ space. By installing shelves for baskets or boxes you can create more storage areas without creating more clutter.

The Shed


Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

The humble garden shed is often the go-to place for rusty garden furniture, the lawnmower and old paint. However, the shed can also be home to a lot of our less-used belongings. Rethink what children’s toys, craft goods or cleaning products actually need to be in your home. The result? More space to relax in.

The Garden


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Our gardens are an often underused area of our homes but clever furniture can mean great storage solutions. Muddy boots, buckets and mops don’t have to add to the clutter inside our homes. Storing these items in near-by, protected wooden boxes will mean they’re easy to get to and out of sight.

The Children’s Room


Image from Pinkax.com

Of course, one of the most challenging storage issues we face is children’s toys. However, this is a challenge that we can solve in the most playful way! Create low level seating which doubles up as storage and fill with baskets or boxes. Children’s books can also act as colourful wall art when placed creatively on narrow shelving.