Fresh & Beautiful: The 2018 Woodpecker Catalogue

The 2018 Woodpecker catalogue is here! And we’re excited to share our new collection of naturally inspired designs. Discover pale parquet, dusky greys and extra distressed wood flooring. Here are the highlights…


Harlech is a collection of floors for everyone. Discover a wide range of colours in faithful 15mm boards. A flurry of new colours are new to the range…

Raw Oak

light wood flooring raw oak image

Pale, pared-back and rustic. This perfect combination makes Raw Oak a seemingly effortless design. Boards feature all the beauty of wood’s natural character in a subtle shade that feels fresh from the forest. Raw Oak is available in two sizes, including extra wide and long 240mm x 2200mm boards.

Our popular Harlech Rustic Oak and White Smoked floors are now also available in the larger 240mm format.


Our Berkeley floors are aged and distressed with a lovingly handscraped texture. And now there are two more, extra-distinctive designs to choose from. Berkeley Rugged and Cellar Oak capture the exciting look and feel of real reclaimed timber. These floors feature realistic marks, scuffs and dents that tell the story of an antique timber that’s wonderfully worn over time.

Rugged Oak

Cellar Oak

Berkeley Cellar Oak


Created with natural form and long-lasting function, the Goodrich collection is home to our parquet flooring. We’ve grown it with 3 new styles…

Cotton Oak

light parquet woodpecker flooring

Light and lovely, Goodrich Cotton Oak is an icy paradise. This parquet wood flooring feels fresh, clean and elegant in the home. Each board is brushed to bring out the beauty of the grain and has a stylish matt surface.

Ecru Oak

light parquet flooring goodrich ecru oak

This pale parquet floor makes the perfect complement to modern interiors. Boards have a sumptuously muted shade and brushed surface for a beautifully enhanced natural feel. Fall in love with Ecru’s seemingly effortless look in your home.


Chepstow is our collection of distinctive finishes, home to superior 21mm boards that are generously finished to endure a lifetime. Two elegant floors are new to the range…

Vanilla Oak

Chepstow Vanilla Oak

Creamy-grey hues tide throughout these coastal inspired boards. Rustic wood character peers from beneath the whitened surface which is oiled for a muted matt look and enduring protection.

Calico Oak

grey rustic wood flooring calico oak

Dusky and daring, Calico Oak is a wood flowemor with drama. Boards are aged and distressed with realistic marks, dents and scuffed edges capturing the feel of a timber with a history. Explore grey and taupe tones in this unique design.


Fresh and beautiful, Brecon is a brand new collection of moisture resistant laminate floors suitable for bathrooms. Adventurous landscapes inspire the 12 new designs, which include…


Barley Oak is modest yet warming, and makes a versatile base for the contemporary home. These laminate boards have a moisture-resistant surface that’s perfectly practical for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room.


Brecon Warehouse Oak

Capturing the feel of wood that’s fresh from the forest, Warehouse Oak has visible sawn marks on its surface. Meander ashy shades in this modern grey design that makes beautiful bathroom flooring or a unique base for any other room in the home.


Splashed in earthy tones and ashen details, River Oak is flowing with natural character. Love the practicality of this moisture-resistant laminate floor which is suitable for any room in the home.

new accessories…

naturally inspired walls

Bring nature home and create a stunning feature with Woodpecker on your walls. Any of the floors in our Harlech, Berkeley or Chepstow collections can now be clad onto the walls using our handy clips, without the need for glue or tricky tools. Choose to suit your flooring, add a contrasting colour or mix boards. Be inspired to capture something a little different in your space.


Achieve a modern, clean finish on stairs with our Staipro product. This nifty solution is a neater alternative to stair nosing – it’s available to match floors from our Harlech, Berkeley, Salcombe and Chepstow collections.


Fill and hide scratches with these handy repair sticks. The colours can be blended to match any wood or laminate floor in our range.


Cover scuffs, chips, scratches and other minor marks on the surface of your wood flooring to restore its beautiful appearance. With this easy-to-use liquid, you can build up the colour to achieve the right shade and freshen up your floor in an instant.