The Reclaimed Wood Flooring Trend

Want a floor that looks as if it’s been part of your home forever? That shows the marks of making and life? Reclaimed wood flooring is such an easy way to make a room scheme feel lived in and loved from the moment it’s first laid that it’s no wonder it’s become a favourite for both new and older homes. Discover the designs packed with personality and find out how to introduce reclaimed wood flooring to your rooms.

Where does the reclaimed wood flooring trend come from?

Reclaimed wood flooring is a major element of the loft look that’s had such a huge influence on interiors. The look was inspired by the re-use of former industrial buildings as homes. The exposed metal and brick and aged timber floors of these warehouses and factories prompted homeowners everywhere to introduce the honest and hard-wearing materials to their own houses and flats.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?


Reclaimed wood flooring is made from timber that’s salvaged from old buildings and structures then re-purposed to create flooring. It proudly displays the marks it’s acquired during its lifetime, so is immensely characterful.

The good news? Investing in antique timber definitely isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of the reclaimed wood trend. New floors can bear all the character and warmth of period flooring. Designs such as our Berkeley Cottage Oak, which has a handscraped finish and the appearance of a worn surface, looks and feels like aged timber.

Introducing reclaimed wood flooring to your rooms

Reclaimed wood flooring is a great complement to many interiors. Use it in an industrial-style scheme of your own alongside metallic finishes for light fittings and in furniture, seating and shelving designs. Combine with wooden tables and cabinets with raw and timeworn surfaces.

Alternatively, consider it to enhance the period detail of a Victorian home. Team it with a fireplace and tiled hearth, elegant bay window or features like a dado rail or ceiling rose.

The most rustic of finishes – like our Rugged Oak or Cellar Oak, which have realistic scuffs, marks, dents and undulations – work in many interior schemes including modern country-style rooms with sink-into seating, natural motifs on soft furnishings, and tactile elements like wool, cotton and rattan.

Consider reclaimed wood for contemporary living and bedroom schemes, too. It makes a striking contrast with smooth, glossy surfaces, boosting the appeal of both new and old, and it can warm up a modern interior.

Make reclaimed wood flooring work in your home

reclaimed wood flooring

High-quality reclaimed wood flooring is durable enough for heavy traffic spaces like a hallway or living room. It’s also ideal for family homes as its finish won’t be compromised by everyday life.

Try mid-tones for a space that lacks daylight to keep the area bright. Darker finishes are fabulous for kitchen-diners and open-plan rooms, unifying the zones and creating a statement.

Think about layering it with a rug to create a welcoming surface to step on to from the bed or to distinguish a seating space while leaving plenty of gorgeous timber on show.

Discover our Berkeley collection of extra rustic, reclaimed-style woods.