Looking after wood flooring with pets and children

The chimes of laughter and the scatters of little paws – children and animals truly do make a home. But don’t be put off your dream wood floor just because you’re worried it’ll be spoiled by them. With a little love and care, your floor will survive the hard (and messy) times, remaining as beautiful as it was the first day it was installed.

To help you along, we’ve put together a few hints and tips to keep your wood floor in tip top condition, whilst your little ones let their imaginations run wild and your furry companions make the most of their homely surroundings…


wood flooring with children and pets

Keeping your pets claws short and trim will benefit the condition of your floor in the long run. As with most natural products, wood floors can sometimes scratch and mark. But don’t fret, by ensuring claws are kept trim, the likelihood of any accidental scratches is minimal. It’s especially worthwhile keeping your larger companions well-groomed as bigger animals tend to add more weight to the floor, which could lead to deeper marks – with a regular spruce, not only will they look and smell beautiful, your floor will be dazzling too.

The 5 second rule

wood flooring with children and pets

To ensure the beauty of your floor continues to shine through for many years to come, it’s important to clean up any accidental spills right away. The odd drop of water won’t cause any harm however to ensure no lasting damage is caused, excessive amounts of liquid must be cleaned up as soon as possible. So keep an eye on the little rascals and if an accidental spill does occur, don’t worry: count to 5, mop it up and the beauty of your floor will stay true.

Fun & Games

wood flooring with children and pets

There’s nothing better than echoes of laughter and beaming smiles from ear to ear. A home full of happiness is something to be cherished and encouraged. Child’s play is essential for development but this shouldn’t be a reason to put your dream wood floor on hold – you can have the best of both worlds. Rugs and waterproof mats are the perfect addition to a home with young children and furry friends. They’ll not only add colour, texture and pattern, they’ll also act as a protective barrier between your family and your dream wood floor.

The Perfect Floor

wood flooring with children and pets

Your choice of floor could make all the difference – lighter floors are well apt for hiding dust in comparison to the darker shades. So if your home is continually on the go with pets and children running around, a lighter wood floor could work in your favour. Consider floors with more texture and character too. A beautifully rustic finish is ideal for hiding the odd scratch and dent as they’ll blend in, adding to the character of the naturally inspired look – take a look at our Berkeley range for a touch of inspiration.

Sparkling Clean

wood flooring with children and pets

As with any floor covering, a regular clean will enhance the beauty and lifespan of your wood floor. We know this is easier said than done for busy families but don’t worry our cleaning kit is the perfect solution for just that. With a simple spray, mop and clean, your wood floor will continue to sparkle forever more. Take a look at our cleaning kit here.