Trending: Wide Plank Flooring

Modern flooring offers an array of styles, patterns and colours to suit all décor themes. Yet with new trends appearing year-on-year, it’s sometimes tricky to decide on what style of floor to go for. Parquet has been a firm favourite for quite some time, closely followed by grey and greige. One of the most recent up and coming trends we’re swooning over is wide plank flooring.

Wide planks are becoming increasingly desired for their contemporary and traditional look. Discover more and find out why you should consider wide plank flooring for your home…


Harlech Rustic Oak

Wide planks showcase more of the natural character of wood per plank of flooring: The natural wood grain texture, the striking pattern, the beautiful knots and characterful streaks – all of which, elevate the overall beauty and charm of the floor, creating a wonderfully naturalistic look.

The grading of the wood determines how much of this beautiful character is present in the finished floor. Choose an extra rustic grade for distinct character or a select grade of flooring for a more consistent look. A rustic grade is a good medium between the two.


wide plank flooring harlech raw oak

Harlech Raw Oak

A modern and sleek look can also be achieved with wide plank flooring. Stains and smoking processes are used to enhance the natural tannins in the timber to achieve beautifully contemporary colours. Light washed, grey and darker shades are all possibilities.

Pale, pared-back and rustic, Harlech Raw Oak is a prime example of a delightfully modern floor. The lightness of the wood in combination with the wood’s natural characteristics creates a superbly contemporary finish.


wide plank flooring harlech white smoked oak

Harlech White Smoked Oak 

Wide plank flooring often makes a room appear bigger. With the fewer planks, a room can also look less cluttered. It’s believed by many that wide plank flooring can really enhance a space, making it appear larger than it actually is.

Due to the larger plank widths, fewer planks are needed in comparison to standard widths of flooring. This is a great advantage as these floors can be quicker to install, resulting in a swifter turnaround.

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