Styling Light and Dark Parquet

The desire for parquet flooring continues to flourish as more people fall in love with the distinct pattern. And to keep up with the increase in demand and current trends, there’s an array of colours and designs to choose from, ranging from light to dark floors – there’s a perfect style to suit all décor themes.

When it comes to choosing between light or dark parquet, there are many things to consider such as the overall look you’d like to achieve, the flow of natural daylight and the size of your room. Dark parquet is perfect for adding drama and although it can make a room feel smaller, if styled correctly a dark floor will enhance the homely yet stylish feel. And light parquet flooring can help create a more spacious and modern look.

Take a look at our style hints and tips on some of our favourite light and dark parquet floors…


light parquet woodpecker flooring

Goodrich Cotton Oak 

Cotton Oak is the lightest in our parquet floor range. With a whitewashed finish, each board is brushed to enhance the beauty of the wood grain, resulting in a wonderfully light floor. The white tones and natural detail works beautifully with a soft colour scheme – we especially love the subtle contrast of the peach colour against the white floor. To enhance this modern look, choose neutral accessories with accents of soft pastels and touches of gold.

Light - Goodrich Whitened

Goodrich Whitened Oak 

Light in colour with a contemporary blend of flaxen and ashen hues, Whitened Oak is superbly fresh. Each board is wonderfully created with a smooth finish and rustic design. The combination of natural detail and varying hues makes Whitened Oak a firm favourite amongst our customers. The light finish creates a perfect base to style – dark and light walls work equally well. For a high-end look, experiment with a combination of grey, glass and contemporary furnishings.

light parquet woodpecker flooring

Goodrich Cashmere Oak 

The chevron pattern of Cashmere Oak combined with the light colouring makes for a beautifully contemporary floor. The boards are soaked in soft white hues with sublime detail and texture – there’s a sheer elegance in every plank.

Let the floor steal the show, keep walls neutral and experiment with different textures to enhance the natural feel. Add splashes of greenery to bring the outside in – you can never have too many plants and they’ll bring your room to life.


dark parquet woodpecker flooring

Goodrich Espresso Oak

Espresso Oak is rich and sophisticated in colour. With an array of dark tones and lovely texture, this floor is the perfect choice for a traditional styled home. The varying colour tones will complement an array of wood furnishings. Choose dark shades to enhance the luxurious and traditional feel. And add a selection of house plants to inject a welcoming splash of colour.

dark parquet woodpecker flooring

Goodrich Charred Oak 

Beautifully bold, Charred Oak captures the riveting feel of a reclaimed parquet floor. With an array of colour variations, Charred Oak is remarkably unique. Each board has been distressed by hand to replicate the marks, dents and tumbled edges of old-aged timber – an exceptional floor indeed.

For an ultra-modern look, pair with bright and bold colours. Choose a mixture of patterns and textures for a quirky look. Or keep your walls and furnishings neutral and let the floor take centre stage.

If you feel inspired and you’d like a closer look at any one of our parquet floors, order a free sample to see the beauty of the details and texture up close – view the full Goodrich range here.