Wood Flooring Week – Discover Our Legacy Floor Range

Celebrate Wood Flooring Week with Woodpecker from 1st – 5th February 2021 with wonderful inspiration, expert tips and an introduction to our new Legacy range... 

Tune in to our social platforms each day to read our latest blogs, and discover our favourite Legacy floors. Full of wonderful imagery and jam packed with handy décor tips, we guarantee that by the end of the week, you’ll be brimming with inspiration for your next project! Be sure to follow across our social media channels for daily giveaways and to help us celebrate the wonderful world of wood flooring. 

We’ll also have some of our friendly experts on hand to discuss any queries you have on wood floors, so if you have any burning questions on installation, specifications or technicalities, this is your perfect opportunity to get the help you need.   

Meet the experts  


David is our Product Manager and technical guru. He can answer any question you throw at him with regards to wood flooring. Whether it’s technical, or about fitting and detailing, or the dos and don’ts of wood floors, he’s your man!  


Kirk is Head of our Internal Sales Team and he’s passionate about all our ranges and knows exactly what floor is right for you – his tech and design knowledge is fantastic too.  


Max is one of our Business Development Managers and also our Woodpecker Ambassador. Discover why Woodpecker stands out from other brands and what makes us so special.  

How to participate   

In future, we look forward to hosting this annual event at our headquarters, but for now, feel free to join us from the comfort of your own homes. Keep your eye on our social channels, and join in by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be answering queries, as well as releasing expert tips and inspirational content around our new Legacy range.

Also, if you have a Woodpecker floor you’d like to showcase, then simply post a picture of it with the hashtag #WoodFlooringWeek and we’ll repost our favourite snaps with our followers. Every picture shared will be entered into our daily giveaway too, so don’t miss out! 

A sneak peek into our Legacy floors…  

During Wood Flooring Week, we’ll also be introducing you to our brand-new luxurious Legacy range. These floors are extra special, and have been created with even more love and attention than is already poured into our flooring, so you know the quality exceeds anything else. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media feeds to discover exactly what makes them stand out. 

Woodpecker wood flooring week