From colours drawn from nature to getting your spaces organised, take a look at the top trends to inspire your home décor this spring.  

Most of us have spent a lot more time in our own homes than we’d ever have thought over the past year, so it’s only natural to crave a style refresh. If this takes your fancy and you’re looking to inject some new life into your décor this spring, then look no further. Discover some of our favourite trends below…

1. Japandi 

As mad as it may sound, this fusion of Japanese and Scandi styles is sure to bring a welcome sense of calm and balance to your home. A pared-back colour palette, and a focus on simple, clean shapes and natural materials make for a tranquil retreat. Swap flowers for vases of grasses or elegant branches of cherry blossom, and draw in nature further with a beautiful wooden floor.  

2. Eco-conscious 

It’s safe to say that most of us have come out of the past year with a huge appreciation for the natural world and all it does for us. So perhaps your new focus for decorating your home is ensuring you do so with eco-conscious materials? Dried flowers last for months if not many years, and furniture can be second hand and revamped into something unique and personalised to your taste – we especially love the idea of turning old shutters into a beautiful unique sideboard. 

When it comes to floors, bamboo is a fantastic alternative if you’d prefer a more sustainable option of flooring. The cutting of bamboo actually encourages growth and it fully replenishes in only 5 years! As well as environmental benefits, it also provides a beautiful finish to your room – what more could you want? 

3. Organised spaces 

With our homes on display to all our work colleagues as we Zoom in for the latest meeting, it’s more important than ever to the house-proud people that everything has its place. Keep children’s toys tidied away into baskets or even old trunks or wardrobes, repurposed into toy boxes and cabinets. Install more shelving and arrange everything to look pretty (try colour-coordinating things) whilst being close to hand for when you need that specific item you can never find. Not only will these small improvements make your home feel more organised, they can also make a great backdrop for your next team catchup. 

4. Pantone’s colour of the year 

The experts at Pantone have announced their choices for this year to be Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a sunny, daffodil yellow – perfect for spring!). Combined, they complement each other beautifully, creating a fresh, cheerful but also peaceful palette. Choose a grey wall with a pop of colour in a yellow sofa, or draw the colours in in a subtle way with the addition of grey and yellow cushions to your current living space. A rich dark floor, like our Goodrich Charred Oak parquet flooring will complement this palette wonderfully.

5. A little bit of luxury… 

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury every now and again – and we think we’ve all earnt it! Whether luxury for you is glossy velvet curtains, plump feather cushions, soft cashmere throws, or plush sheepskin rugs, that extra bit of extravagance can elevate your room from casually comfy to subtly sumptuous.  


If any of the Woodpecker Floors you’ve seen throughout this article have piqued your interest, then don’t hesitate to order a free sample to see how it could work in your home. If you’ve got any questions, our experts are here to help, simply get in touch.