6 Stunning Living Room Colour Schemes for 2022

After a tough couple of years, 2022 has started off with a renewed sense of optimism. So there’s no better time to freshen up your home with a little redecoration.

And because the living room is one of the most used spaces in the home, starting your redecoration plans here guarantees that you’ll soon see the benefit of your hard work.

2022 colour schemes and trends for living rooms include popular options like calming warm neutrals, soft earthy hues and rich vibrant shades. And many of these colour schemes also tie in well with the top interior design trends for 2022.


How to choose living room colour schemes

Choosing a lounge colour scheme takes a little more planning than just picking out some of your favourite colours. So here are a few aspects you need to consider, to help you create a living room decor that you’ll love.

How big is the room?

Size is very important when choosing living room colour combinations. Dark colours can make a room look smaller, so it’s better to go for lighter shades if your living room is a little on the small side. However, combining a pale colour on three walls with a deeper shade on one accent wall can help to make the room look longer than it really is.

Which direction does your living room face?

The orientation of your living room has a big impact on how much natural light it gets. North facing rooms get less light but it’s a more consistent and calming light that suits softer tones. South-facing rooms will get lots of intense light in the afternoon but can be darker in the mornings so brighter colours tend to work well here.

What functions does your living room need to serve?

If you tend to do a lot of entertaining in your living room, you might prefer to use stimulating colours to add energy to the room. If your lounge is a much-needed haven from the world outside, softer and more relaxing hues will work well.

What style of furniture is in the room?

Make sure that your new colour scheme will work with the existing furniture in the room. If you have a collection of mid-century Danish furniture then neutral colour schemes will tend to work well, but warm tones will look better against cosy cottage-style furniture.

What flooring do you have or plan to install?

If your room already has beautiful hardwood flooring in place, or you’re planning to install one as part of a living room makeover, then you will want to pick colours that work well with the natural tones of the wood. Warm neutrals will look great against a warm honey-toned wood-like Berkeley Natural Oak and the cool, calm tones of Berkeley Grey Oak will be enhanced by cooler-toned colours.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the top living room colour trends 2022 has to offer:

Colour Scheme Ideas

Natural greens

Nature-inspired shades of green are sure to be some of the most popular colour trends for 2022. They bring a sense of harmony, balance and relaxation to the living room which makes it the perfect space for relaxation after a long day.

Green also works well with a wide variety of other colours. You could try combining rich vibrant greens with zingy lime or citron yellow to create a vibrant energy, or mix dark cherry and lilac for a nature-inspired room with a more calming atmosphere.

Greens also work well with the current popularity of using houseplants to bring a sense of the great outdoors into your home. In the left photo above, the dark green colour scheme and natural accessories complement the rich tones of the York Tawny Oak flooring.

Shades of white

Year after year, white proves to be the most popular neutral colour scheme. That’s unlikely to change in 2022, especially while so many of us are still spending more time at home. White is a fantastic choice for multifunctional rooms and part-time workspaces as it brings a sense of calming light and energy.

Pure white can feel harsh, especially in a north-facing room that receives cooler natural light. So you might like to try some of the shades of off-white that are available as these can give a softer look. Or for a classic minimalist look, try matching a white colour scheme with neutral furnishings and a neutral-toned floor like the Goodrich Haze Oak chevron flooring pictured above.

A white colour scheme also makes it easy to refresh your living room with the changing seasons. For example, switching from pale blue or green voile curtains to rich velvet curtains in shades of chilli and pumpkin instantly moves the space from Summer to a more Autumnal feel.

Blues & Cool Neutrals

As more of us are working and entertaining at home, blues and cool neutrals are likely to remain popular in 2022. Light beiges and greiges give a cosy and comforting feel to a living room and will combine well with your existing flooring, furniture and accessories. This colour scheme works well with the Salcombe Moonbeam pictured on the left above, and the additional cushions & throws help to keep the overall look soft and welcoming.

If you want to add variety to a neutral decor scheme, you can always introduce additional colour in the form of accessories. Richly textured scatter cushions, a statement chair or a striking floor lamp are all good ways to add colour and fun.

Deep and dramatic

If you’re feeling brave and want some living room decor ideas to inject character and personality into your living space, deep and rich colours can give your lounge a more sensual feel. Think deep, dark blues, rich aubergine or luscious teal.

These shades are indulgent and sensuous and they feel very grown-up and sophisticated. Use your chosen colour all over the room for a dramatic look or use it as an accent on a feature wall for a more subtle effect. Above we can see how a dark teal on the walls contrasts with the paler cooler colour of the engineered floor – Berkeley Calico Oak (left image).

You can combine these extravagant hues with neutral furnishings if you want to avoid sensory overload, or go all out with rich velvets and plush accessories in a toning shade.

Welcoming Pinks

Relaxation and wellbeing have never been more important and this is reflected in living room colour trends for 2022.

Muted pinks paired with soothing sands, accents of brass and textured accessories brings a sense of comfort that gives your living room a calm and serene feeling – one which will help to relax you after a long day.

In the left image above, Goodrich Manor Oak chevron flooring combines soft pink and cream tones to create a warm and welcoming living room vibe.

Pops of colour

Mixing soft neutrals with pops of warm accent colour will give your living room a comfortable atmosphere which is ideal for relaxing at the end of the day. This approach works well with the shades of white or blue & cool-toned lounge colour schemes.

Once you have chosen your neutral base, pick out some accent colours that you love, using richly textured and patterned accessories for added interest. The vivid orange of the statement sofa really pops against the neutral colour scheme and Chepstow Planed Grey Oak engineered flooring in the above-left image.

If you’re dreaming of a living room renovation but can’t quite justify a drastic change right now, take a look at our blog which has 7 easy ways to update your living room decor.

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