8 of the Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

As we come towards the end of 2021, your thoughts may be turning towards the New Year and what interior design trends 2022 will have to offer.

We’re expecting to see some much-loved 2021 decor trends continuing in 2022 as making the home as welcoming, comfortable and practical as possible has been a priority to us all over the last 18 months. And now, the desire to invest in high quality, durable and more sustainable options is higher than ever, so we’re delighted to say that this year we announced our promise to be carbon negative by 2030, too.

So whether you’re planning to move into a new home, renovating your current home or just fancy freshening things up a bit, we’ve taken a look into our crystal ball and discovered some of the interior design trends for 2022.

A Natural Aesthetic

Goodrich Whitened Oak

Unsurprisingly, natural materials and neutral colours remain as popular as ever. Using a neutral colour base for your interior decor means that you can choose from a wide range of different style options.

Shades of cream and warmer neutrals are sure to be popular home decor colour trends. 2022 will also see stone greys and off-whites combined with powerful, punchy black accents in small doses.

The Natural Aesthetic trend works really well alongside the other new trends interior designers are predicting for 2022, and it also helps to make some of the more extreme trends feel more accessible. In the room above, Goodrich Whitened Oak combines with mid-century modern style furniture for a modern slant on the vintage trend.

White walls will always look good when combined with natural materials or statement furniture pieces, while white-on-white and tapered lines really complement mid-century modern design elements.

Green Interiors

Brecon Warehouse Oak

Shades of green will be popular for 2022 and so will natural and eco-friendly decor.

Pastel and tinted greens refresh a room without overpowering the look and the deeper shades add a pop of colour to a neutral palette. The lush green walls in the bathroom pictured above are enhanced by the rich tones of our waterproof Brecon Warehouse Oak floor.

Expect to see plenty of houseplants, especially in homes without access to a garden. Plants not only complement natural hardwood flooring and neutral colours, but also help to bring a feeling of balance and joy into the home. But take time to research the best indoor plants for your home, taking into account the direction of the sun and how warm your home is.

Eco-friendly materials will be popular in 2022, including recycled and reused materials as well as those from sustainable sources. Plastic will be replaced by glass and there will be a renewed focus on sustainable furniture and investment pieces.

Interior curves

Salcombe Moonbeam Oak

For interior design in 2022, comfort and durability will be key while current furniture trends see round furniture being very popular for 2022.

Furniture and decor with a soft edge will give a more feminine and romantic feel to your room and also soften your more angular furniture. For this design trend, think curvy sofas, soft-edge tables and piles of voluptuous velvet cushions like in the room pictured above. Here, the cool tones of the Salcombe Moonbeam Oak floor perfectly balance the neutrals and pastel colours of the soft furnishings.

And the curves will be complemented by lots of lush fabrics in rich colours that immediately lift a room’s decor and add a luxurious touch. This will bring warmth to minimalist spaces or complement a maximalist style but feel free to add contrast in the form of metal accents or smooth surfaces.

Multifunctional spaces

Brecon Bracken Oak

The rise of home working continues and people will need their homes to serve more than one function in 2022. So interior design trends for 2022 are likely to feature clever ideas for rooms that fulfil multiple functions.

The flow of a space depends upon the individual elements within its design, and clever interior design can create a space that’s suitable for social gatherings as well as quiet relaxation.

In the room above, room dividers define separate areas to make the most of every square metre, while using Brecon Bracken Oak flooring throughout gives continuity and flow between the areas of the room.

But don’t forget to take advantage of the vertical space in your home, which you can maximise by incorporating shelves, platforms and ladders into your interior design. Smart furniture will also help to support multifunctional room design, with accent tables that house speakers and remote control shelving that cleverly conceals a TV.

Mixing floors

Harlech Feather Oak & Goodrich Feather Oak

If you’re planning to install new hardwood flooring, don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself to just one type of floor.

Parquet floors and geometric pattern flooring are making a big come-back in the interior design trends of 2022. Mixing parquet flooring with traditional planks maximises the style factor while also helping you to mark out separate areas of a modern open-plan space. In the room above, herringbone wood flooring in Goodrich Feather Oak creates a stylish welcome to the home and leads into a main area that uses classic plank flooring in Harlech Feather Oak.

The contrast of contemporary lines and classic patterns looks stylish, adds character and works wonderfully against a neutral colour palette.

60s/70s retro

Salcombe Shadow Oak

Vintage and retro decor are as popular as ever and now it’s mid-century design’s turn in the spotlight.

If the thought of going fully retro with your interior decor is too much, then accessories can bring a pop of mid-century colour to your home. Flashes of burnt orange and moss green will brighten up an otherwise neutral interior, while the warm tones of Salcombe Shadow Oak help to keep the room above looking modern.

You can bring an authentic touch to your decor by shopping at online auction sites or visiting your local flea market. Danish-style furniture from the 1960s and 1970s will be popular in 2022 but finding the right piece at the right price takes perseverance.

To find hidden gems, explore your local antique stores or fairs and scouring the online marketplaces, and take a trusted friend along with you for a second opinion.

Zen and Minimalism

Brecon Seashell Oak Herringbone

Despite all of the colourful interior trends for 2022, the minimalist look will still have its place, especially for people who want a calm haven to retreat into.

When minimalism is done well, it makes a space feel more livable despite the apparent lack of creature comforts. Focusing on the main purpose of a room helps to highlight what is really needed for day-to-day life, but it does also make decluttering a necessity.

The 2022 version of minimalist decor keeps the less-is-more approach but also adds plants for an organic feel and a calming and restorative aesthetic.

Clean lines, floating surfaces and light wood floors like the Brecon Seashell Oak herringbone floor above help to set the tone for this interior decor trend, while black highlights add contrast and keep a minimalist interior looking modern. Sticking to one or two main materials for furniture will streamline the look, and you can use contrasting textures to add visual interest.

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