9 of the Top Interior Design Trends for Summer 2022

With longer days and lighter evenings, no doubt we’re all looking forward to making the most of our gardens and outdoor spaces. Whether it’s for alfresco dining or grabbing a good book to read in the evening sun, this time of year gives us the chance to combine and use our indoor and outdoor spaces for both entertaining and unwinding. And creating a smoother interior décor transition between the indoors and outdoors can further help make the most of your space.

However, you don’t need to give your home a complete seasonal overhaul – unless of course, that’s what you want to do. But refreshing your decor and adding a few touches from your chosen interior trends will give you a fresh look for the new season.

From cocooning curves and maximalist decor to biophilic interior design and the new neutrals, let’s take a look through some of the current interior design trends for Summer 2022…


brecon seashell oak stratex flooring
Brecon Seashell Oak

Self Care Spaces

We’ve all become much more aware of the importance of self-care at home over the last two years. So it’s no surprise that creating a space dedicated to hobbies or wellness is high on the list of priorities for home renovation and interior decoration in Summer 2022.

The self-care revolution has also led to the rise of the ‘Spathroom’ or spa-inspired bathroom. This trend focuses on creating an indulgent and relaxing mood in the bathroom with clean lines, neutral spa colours and plenty of natural materials on display. Minimalist design is a vital part of spa bathrooms, especially when they feature luxurious baths or rainfall showers.

And the spa look is complemented by high-quality wood-effect flooring like our Brecon collection, which is water-proof and ideal for use in bathrooms. Please note, Brecon flooring is not suitable for wet-rooms.

Curves and Comfort

One of the big trends from Winter 2022 is carried over into Summer 2022, as curves and rounded shapes remain highly popular in interior design. This reflects the important roles that comfort and self-care play in our lives right now.

Curves connect us to nature and add a welcoming feature to any interior space, helping us to feel safe and cocooned. This interior design trend can be seen in bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens, where curvaceous kitchen islands and scalloped edges add a softer aesthetic to a social space.

And curved edges on furniture, accessories and lighting for Summer 2022 all help to create a timeless silhouette.

Dark Wood Trend

Interior design trends in the last two decades have been dominated by the popularity of minimalism and Scandinavian design with blonde woods in the foreground. But the ‘20s are seeing a re-emergence of dark woods as a popular alternative to the pale Scandi shades.

Darker floors and wooden furniture accents combine well with the mid-century modern design that is enjoying a resurgence right now.

The warm tones of Walnut flooring are particularly popular, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to interior design for the 2020s. And other dark wood tones such as Chepstow Planed Cocoa Oak and Harlech Cognac Oak are also a great choice for engineered floors.

Boho Days

One of the major interior trends for 2022, the boho look is an easy way to give your home a relaxed, summery vibe. Boho home decor style is ideal for your bedroom, garden room or living room and gives an excellent mood booster after the long, dark winter months. But don’t try too hard – the bohemian trend is very laid back.

This trend uses an array of soft textures, natural materials and lush greenery to soften a space and blur the lines between inside and outdoors.

Layers of printed fabrics, retro macrame tassels and tactile dried grasses are some of the key features of boho home decor, while vintage furniture and brass accessories combine with deeper shades on walls and woodwork to bring this retro look right up to date.

And the natural aesthetics of wood flooring give the perfect foundation for your bohemian style decor. Goodrich Natural Oak is a stunning herringbone floor that works well with this look.


After two decades of pared-back minimalist interiors, we’re ready to embrace a bold and beautiful celebration of colour and design. Maximalist interior design is growing in popularity, with Google searches for this trend increasing three-fold towards the end of 2021.

More is more in maximalism with masses of colour blocking, pattern clashes and geometric designs, while accessories are bigger, bolder and even more beautiful. Get ready to chuck out your chintz and embrace stylised floral maximalism with pattern on a grand scale, giving your home a splash of colour and fun.

This trend can pair well with the Boho Days look, while shades of green and a neutral hardwood floor provide a counterbalance to your home’s bold new look. If you’re looking for a neutral base for your maximalism room, then take a look at our Salcombe Chalked Oak.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is set to be one of the major interior design trends of the 2020s. The principles of biophilic interior design aim to connect a space to nature by using subtle colours and maximising natural light and air within the space.

Indoor plants also play a big role in biophilic design, while a colour palette based on soft greens and greys enhances the natural greenery. Natural materials are key to this interior design trend, such as accessories created from layered textures of natural fabrics and natural hardwood flooring underfoot. The York White Washed Oak floor pictured above is a perfect fit for this trend.

Linking your home and outdoor areas through biophilic design principles can give the illusion that your home is more spacious. It can also help to support mental health by creating tranquil self-care spaces that invite relaxed conversation and peaceful contemplation.

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Shades of Green

From refreshing mint and zingy lime to calming olive, green is clearly the standout colour trend in interior design for Summer 2022. The revitalising effect of a palette based on green shades signifies a new start after a period of uncertainty, as well as a calming, comforting place to retreat and relax.

Natural greens provide a harmonious foundation for many different colour palettes and there’s a shade of green to suit every interior design trend. You could easily choose a shade of green to complement your current furniture and accessories to create a fresh home decor.

In many ways, green has become a new neutral that anchors your own individual style.

Here comes the Sun

Optimistic yellow brings a positive vibe to Summer 2022 interior decor, updating neutral decor and adding a pop of happiness to your home. Whether you go for pale primrose, mellow lemon or spicy turmeric, there’s a shade of yellow for any space.

The colour yellow symbolises the sun and adds a warm feeling to any space, especially those which don’t get much natural sunshine. Start off with a subtle yellow accent in the form of lemon throw cushions or make a bold statement on your walls with paint or wallpaper in sunflower yellow.

Whichever option you go for, it’s sure to bring happiness to your home this summer.

Old is the new New

Updating, upcycling and buying vintage are all bang on trend in 2022. They aren’t just kind to the environment, they’re also gentle on the pocket and give you a truly unique look all of your own.

Global supply issues mean that new furniture is harder to get hold of, so it’s time to get creative when you want to update your interior decor. Why not learn how to upcycle a piece of furniture or turn vintage clothing into one-of-a-kind accessories for your home?

Or if vintage shopping is more your thing, start off small with shelf styling accessories before diving into vintage furniture.

These vintage vibes fit well with other Summer 22 interior design trends such as floral maximalism and the boho trend, and they will add a touch of your own personality to your decor.

Those are our favourite interior decor trends for Summer 2022 – which one is your favourite?