Our top bathroom designs

From splash-happy, family friendly spaces to tranquil retreats from the stresses of everyday life, bathrooms these days have to be so much more than just functional wash spaces. Here we’ve gathered some of our favourite bathroom inspiration, as well as some top tips on what qualities your flooring should possess in this hard-working room.   

1. Boho his and hers


Do you think that the “his & hers” set-up is solely for smart hotels? Think again. This is a perfect example of how to make this practical set-up both stylish and homely all at once. Informal cotton rugs on a wood-effect floor bring texture and warmth, complemented by the wooden furniture and rustic woven laundry basket.   

Want to replicate this look? Our Brecon Barley Oak is similarly light and natural, and is 100% waterproof with built in slip-resistance, making it perfect for use in a bathroom.  

2. Monochrome and minimalist

Accents of brass in the tap and light fitting turn this from a monochrome space into a super-sleek modern bathroom. Wide, grey, wood-effect boards complement the herringbone and, combined with the vase of greenery, convey a sleek interpretation of the natural world.  

If you’re looking for beautiful, elegant herringbone flooring for a bathroom, look no further than our Brecon Warehouse Oak. As a wood-design floor, it is waterproof and has been designed to be slip-resistant.   

3. Rustic country luxe

Wood comes into its own in this room. Natural textures, wonky windows, garden flowers and a neutral earthy palette all come together to give this bathroom a comfortable and luxurious feel of faded grandeur.  

This bathroom has used a real wood floor. The problem with this is that it could warp over time with the humid conditions that naturally occur in a bathroom. If you like this and feel it will add to the rustic feel of the room, then don’t let us hold you back! But if this is something you’d like to replicate, without having to worry about warping then explore our Stratex collection 

4. Grown-up grey

A beautiful colour scheme of greys, whites and rich dark woods lends a peaceful, grown-up feel to this shower room. White accents lifts what could be a dark tile choice and makes the whole room feel fresh and clean.  

For a similar flooring look & feel take a look at our Brecon River Oak. As part of our Wood-Design range it’s completely waterproof, so perfect for the wet, humid conditions found in a bathroom.  

5. Don’t shrink from pink

Colour can be used in the bathroom in so many exciting ways and this is a great example of minimal use for maximum effect. Nearly everything in the room is white, but the baby pink details transforms it from a bland space into a vibrant one, without overpowering your eye with pattern. The white, wooden planks of the floor add a slight rustic element, softening the whole bathroom from something stark to something with a hint of warmth and comfort.  

Want a subtle, pale floor to provide a beautiful backdrop for a colourful focal point? Our Brecon range comes in gorgeous pale shades of Glacial, Seashell and Ivory Oak.  

6. In keeping with an era

The glorious shapes in this bathroom are undoubtedly the star of the show. If you’re lucky enough to be in a period property with a similarly striking features, then you probably feel it’s important to be sympathetic to the original features when renovating. Here, the herringbone floorboards have been smoked to enhance the richness in colour and finished with an oil to help protect them from the wet and humid atmosphere of the bathroom.

If you want the period property look but don’t have the floorboards to go with it, then you should take a look at our Goodrich Smoked Oak. We wouldn’t usually recommend the range for use in a bathroom because, even though it’s engineered, the planks will eventually warp in the humid environment. But if it’s a rustic or aged look you’re going for, they may just work.  

7. Tropical detail


A fresh vintage shade of sunshine ties the feature bath to the walls in this lovely retro design. And with such a big window, this large, light-filled room could feel cold, but the warm coloured panelling and rustic wood flooring adds both warmth and a beautiful luxurious feel.  

Want to bring luxury to your bathroom? You can add a very similar look and feel with our Brecon River Oak, now in a herringbone format too!

8. Green, glorious green

The natural world provides us with some glorious colours – but none link our minds with happiness and the great outdoors more than a luscious green. Bring the great outdoors in, by furnishing your bathroom with natural textures such as wicker and rattan, pot plants and neutral fabrics that look as though they could have been woven from freshly picked textiles.

Want to recreate this look? The above photo features our Brecon Warehouse Oak flooring – it’s wood-design, so completely waterproof and not slippy, making it perfect for bathrooms.

9. Beach chic


You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the tranquil colours and fresh hues that typically remind you of it. Here, gorgeous pale blue tiles remind you of the sea and the sky, whilst the wooden unit and greenery remind you of a beach hut hidden in the dunes. And it’s all rounded off with a lovely weathered, wood-effect floor.  

If you’re looking to bring the seaside home in your bathroom, then try Brecon Bracken Oak.

For the perfect floor for your bathroom check out our Brecon range, while you can also browse our Inspiration section for further flooring ideas.

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