People can be unsure about wood flooring because they believe there’s too much work involved in maintaining and cleaning it. A wood floor is after all, a natural substance so it’s susceptible to wear and tear – but carpet, tiles and all other floor coverings will naturally wear over time too. With a little tlc and careful consideration, a wood floor will last for many years.

See our handy tips to help protect a wood floor and understand just how easy it is to maintain and clean…



Regular sweeping with a soft bristled broom will get rid of dust and rogue bits of grit on a wood floor which could cause damage if allowed to accumulate. Vacuuming wood floors is ok too – ideally with a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching.



Wetness can damage a hardwood floor so a well-wrung mop should always be used when cleaning, with excess liquid removed immediately. We’ve developed a Floor Cleaning solutions for safe use on wood floors, which has been formulated for oiled or lacquered finishes. Frequent use of this on a Woodpecker floor will help maintain its finish.

Despite what the internet may say, we don’t recommend using water and vinegar, soap-based cleaner, wax or steam cleaners on a wood floor. These can dull the floor’s finish, leave an ugly residue and subject the floor to excessive heat and water, which could result in long-term damage.



When it comes to taking care of a wood floor, the natural place to start is at the door. A good quality door mat will catch dirt and grit, preventing potential damage to the floor. Grit underfoot is like sandpaper, scratching the floor’s finish, so it’s worth considering a good coir mat at the entrance of a room. Woodpeckers Coir Matting works perfectly for the job.


Rugs or carpet runners are a great consideration for high footfall areas such as doorways, halls and stairs. Just make sure that the mats chosen are suitable for a wood floor as rubber-backed mats can trap moisture and cause damage to the floor.


furniture protectors on wood flooring

The golden rule for wood flooring is to never drag furniture or other objects across the floor – it can result in unsightly dents or scratches. Woodpecker offers a variety of felt protectors and castor cups to ensure it’s easy to move furniture, without marking the floor.


spilt drink on wood floor

Liquid is the enemy to a wood floor so it’s important to ensure that all spillages are mopped up right away and to never allow water or other liquids to sit on the floor for any length of time. The odd drop may not hurt, but excessive amounts of water will cause lasting damage.


Sunlight will naturally help the colour of wood flooring to mellow. We advise that furniture and rugs are moved regularly to ensure an even maturing of colour. It’s important to note that dark woods like Walnut are more susceptible to fading.


Woodpecker floors are expertly finished with durability and longevity in mind. The two main types of floor finishes are oiled and lacquered. An oiled floor is quick and easy to repair if accidently scratched or scuffed. A lacquered floor is layered with 5-7 coats of lacquer, giving it a strong and durable finish. A good medium between the two is a matt lacquered floor – with a subtle sheen. A matt lacquered floor resembles that of an oiled floor but has the hardwearing qualities of a lacquered floor.

It’s important to remember that stains are inevitable on all floor coverings but with the right solutions, they can be easily reversed. Woodpecker offers some handy products to help ensure the beauty of wood flooring remains for many years. The One Coat Oil is a great remedy to restore the floor back to its original form by revitalising the grain as well as add a layer of extra protection.

Woodpecker also offers an array of stain reversing remedies such as Scratch Repair Stick, Scratch Cover and Touch Up Oil, all of which are user friendly and make it easy to repair any unsightly stains or marks with ease.

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