The Top Kitchen Trends For 2024

Whether it’s for entertaining, cosying up, or making it the perfect family space, we can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  

As we go through 2024, you may be wanting to update your kitchen or look for some inspiration to help give a new life back to your space.  

So, whether you’re planning a complete renovation, want some ideas to freshen up your home or inspo around how your wooden flooring can compliment your kitchen, we have taken a look into the most popular kitchens trends 2024 and we are ready to dive in… 

Contemporary Style Kitchens

 A contemporary kitchen design is a style that is increasingly trending. Contemporary kitchens have been increasingly popular so far in 2024, with some people exploring a mixture of modern and contemporary kitchen designs.  

Contemporary designs include neutral colour pallets, bold lighting features and sleek cabinetry.  

A contemporary design is often left to interpretation, some add traditional elements such as wood accents and decorative pieces to their kitchens to keep it timeless.  

Having a smoked plank flooring, like Harlech White Smoked Oak, is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your space and a perfect way to add depth and warmth.  

Scandinavian Style Kitchens

The most popular kitchen type of all-time has got to be a Scandinavian kitchen design. With its rise in popularity in 2020, this kitchen style has stood the test of time and is going nowhere anytime soon.  

This trend is made up of a very neutral pallet, clean lines, wood tones and a simple aesthetic.  

High ceilings, handless kitchens and minimalistic features are some of the key features of the Scandinavian kitchen design. Some will add interest through subtle accents rather than pops of colour.  

The natural aesthetics of wood flooring make it the perfect addition to a Scandi kitchen. Either a pale herringbone like Goodrich Ecru or lightly smoked wood floor like Salcombe Seashore work perfectly for this.  

Industrial Style Kitchens

Interior design trends have been focused on a soft, light and airy design in the last few decades. But 2024 is seeing a switch up with dark woods and more rustic interior trends on the rise.  

Darker, more rustic woods work amazingly with more industrial interiors because they bring that ‘raw’ element in your kitchen space.  

Berkeley Cellar Oak gives the feel of a reclaimed wood floor which is perfect for an industrial space.  It adds a huge amount of texture through scuffs, marks and dents. A stunning, and certainly striking addition, the floor will do the talking!  

Country Style Kitchens

A popular trend in 2024 is a cottage kitchen design, but many are adding a twist by leaning more towards a country kitchen style. The countrycore style is heavily made up of natural wooden floors, low ceiling and big beams – but don’t worry, creating your dream country kitchen is possible in any type of home!  

Shades of creams, plants and natural woods are foundational to a country style. They bring a rustic and homely feel to any space.  

Adding a wooden floor like Goodrich Natural Oak perfectly compliments a neutral colour pallet whilst accents of exposed brick and rough timber create a beautiful feel of a time-worn country kitchen.  

These are our top kitchen trends for 2024. Which one is your favourite, and which one will you be adding to your kitchen interior?  

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