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distressed oak flooring

What Is Distressing In Wood Floors?

Distressed flooring is a particular style of flooring that undergoes certain processes to give it more character and to replicate an old, worn feel.
Distressed boards tend to come with a textured finish to enhance the grain of the wood.

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Woodpecker Flooring engineered oak floor

Our Legacy Floor Range: Chepstow Distressed Charcoal Oak

Fall in love with the rich dark tones of our Legacy Chepstow Distressed Charcoal Oak and discover our top tips for styling this wonderfully luxurious floor…

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distressed wood flooring planing

Distressed Wood Flooring: The Journey to Aged Perfection

When it comes to recreating the look and feel of aged wood, our Berkeley distressed collection has quite a history of its own. Discover the eight painstaking processes behind such a distinctive look.

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