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Engineered Wood Flooring: The Fantastic Benefits

When the time comes to update a floor, most people are drawn to solid wood. So when we say that ‘engineered wood flooring’ has a whole array of benefits you might not have considered, an eyebrow or two is often raised in suspicion…

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2017 Interior Design Trends: What to Watch

Decorating this year? Discover the interior trends we’re set to be swooning over in 2017, from bright colours to old-school materials and textures.

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chepstow antique oak flooring

Guide to Wood Floor Finishes: Infographic

Surface finishes enhance the natural look and feel of your wood floor, and can provide long-lasting protection from wear. So we’ve put together a handy infographic to take you through the range of fantastic finishes we offer to suit various interior looks, environments and lifestyles.

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Style Ideas: Victoria Jackson talks Flooring and Furniture

One of our favourite interior bloggers Victoria Jackson shares her top tips on creating the perfect pair with furniture and flooring for traditional and contemporary looks.

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distressed wood flooring planing

Distressed Wood Flooring: The Journey to Aged Perfection

When it comes to recreating the look and feel of aged wood, our Berkeley distressed collection has quite a history of its own. Discover the eight painstaking processes behind such a distinctive look.

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bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring: Our Handy Guide

It’s often thought that bamboo flooring is just another type of hardwood. Yet, its differences and benefits are quite something. In this post, we discover what makes bamboo unique and why it’s such an appealing choice of floor for the home.

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