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distressed oak flooring

What Is Distressing In Wood Floors?

Distressed flooring is a particular style of flooring that undergoes certain processes to give it more character and to replicate an old, worn feel.
Distressed boards tend to come with a textured finish to enhance the grain of the wood.

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8 tips for a great showroom

8 Tips To Create A Great Showroom

Through experience, we know that a great showroom can make all the difference, it creates a lasting impression as well as inspiring visitors. But what makes a great showroom? See our top tips…

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woodpecker stratex flooring

What is Stratex?

A guide to help you understand what Stratex is and how it differs from an ordinary laminate or LVT floor…

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Features That Make a Great Showroom

All of our customers have great showrooms, but there are some features which further enhance the customer experience and we’d like to share these with you….

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Keeping your wood floor clean throughout lockdown

With children home from school and pets running around, we’ve listed some top tips for keeping your wood floor clean throughout lockdown…

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engineered flooring woodpecker

A Visual Guide On How Engineered Flooring Is Made

The construction of engineered flooring makes it a practical choice for modern spaces. Learn how its made with this handy guide…

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