How can I Attract More Customers to My Retail Store?

In today’s competitive market, getting more people to visit your store can be tough. However, with
the right strategies, you can increase foot traffic and boost sales. In this article, we’ll share 12
simple yet effective tips we have gleaned in talking with retailers recently to inspire you with some
ideas to attract more customers and build your business.

How you can attract more customers to your store:

  1. Create an eye-catching storefront:
    Make your store look inviting and attractive from the outside. Keep your store clean and fresh,
    use nice signs, neat displays, and appealing window arrangements to grab attention and create
    curiosity to come inside.

  2. Prioritise customer experience.
    Create a welcoming environment by making your store a comfortable and inviting place.
    Seating areas, refreshments, and maybe even a play area for kids. Have them service their
    way to a sale by training your team to engage with customers, take a genuine interest in their
    project, be friendly and knowledgeable, providing personalised help to customers.

  3. Bring past customers back:
    It is 7 times easier to do business with an existing customer than a new one. Contact past
    customers, new people into your store is exciting, but don’t forget about your existing
    customers. Nurture your relationships with people who’ve purchased from you in the past, to
    drive repeat visits. Remember everyone including friends and family, referrals are often the most
    powerful driver of new business. Stay top of mind by keeping in touch via email or a call to
    offer exclusive offers. The average home has 9 rooms and the average homeowner will be
    purchasing floor coverings every 2-3 years.

  4. Start a customer loyalty program:
    Reward your loyal customers with a special program. Give them discounts, early access to
    sales, or free installation services. Encourage customers to share their email and mobile
    numbers so you can stay in touch and offer them good reasons to purchase again.

  5. Offer special deals in store:
    Give customers exclusive discounts or package deals that are only available when they visit
    your store. Promote these special offers through ads and social media to create excitement and
    encourage more people to drop in.

  6. Arrange products well:
    Arrange your flooring products in a way that looks appealing. Create displays that show how
    the floors can look in different rooms. Use props and lighting to make them warm and eye-
    catching. Keep updating the displays to showcase new trends.

  7. Use online marketing:
    Take advantage of online marketing to attract more customers. Have a website that highlights
    your showroom, your services, products and includes a store locator. Use social media to
    promote your work and store to reach new and existing customers.

  8. Host store events and workshops:
    Organize events and workshops in your store to draw people in. Collaborate with experts or
    designers to provide valuable information and create a memorable experience. Many retailers
    are unknowingly offering a home design service when helping a customer select a floor, the
    customer is often looking for help, guidance, and assistance in making decisions – why not
    advertise this, make the most of it.

  9. Partner with related local businesses:
    Team up with other businesses that complement yours, like interior designers or furniture
    stores. Promote each other’s businesses through joint marketing efforts, referrals, or in-store
    displays. This can help you reach new customers who are interested in flooring.

  10. Show your work:
    Display pictures of completed projects, positive reviews, and testimonials. Encourage people to
    leave reviews on platforms like Google. This builds trust and credibility, making potential
    customers more likely to engage with your business.

  11. Advertise in local magazines:
    Especially important to advertise where your customers are reading, focus on your capabilities,
    project management, pictures of your showroom, highlight your services as well as products.
    Drop our team a line and we’ll help you design a compelling advertisement:

  12. Engage with the community:
    Get involved in local events, trade shows, or sponsor community activities. By participating
    and supporting local causes, you’ll increase awareness of your store and build a reputation as a
    trustworthy business.

    By implementing some or all of these simple strategies, you will attract more customers. Many of
    these practices were at play prior to COVID over 3 years ago now and the marketplace is dictating
    that we reset and get back to these foundational business practices.

    Darwyn Ker | Woodpecker Flooring